COVID-19 TEMPORARY RULES must be followed!!!  (updated Sep 2021)

  • No food or drinks allowed until further notice.
    • You can leave drinks, etc. in your vehicle.
  • Only target waste is to be placed in the trash cans, everything else goes with you when you leave!
  • No matter how slight, If you even think you maybe sick STAY HOME.
  • If you feel you cannot follow these temporary rules, you must not nor will you be permitted to use the grounds.
  • As Unami members we all have an obligation to each other to have a reasonably safe association for all.

The new temporary rules will be in force until further notice. 


Latest News:

2022 Membership Renewal forms will NOT be sent out in the mail, they can be picked up on the door of the club house, or you can fill it out HERE. Please mail to address listed on form.   

Because of COVID-19 donations are down.  We know it has been hard to find ammunition to shoot and when you find it the price can be overwhelming.  Unfortunately we need to continue to the $10 fee into the improvement fund, as the roof and other structures are still in need of repair.  Overall the Club Dues have not changed from the prior 2 years.

There's a new Firearms store at the club.  Located in the clubhouse, there's a store selling Guns, ammo, and accessories.  Visit the store by parking at the club house and walking half way down the path of the left side of the building. The store is also open to the public, and can be visited by using the back entrance further up the mountain from the club's entrance.

The new gate is active and you will need your Gate card to enter the property.  If you don't have your card, you can use the contact page to reach out to someone at the club, or attend the next New Member Orientation meeting, as show on our Calendar.

Check out our Calendar for upcoming events, including newly added training classes by certified NRA instructors.

Have a suggestion or would like to report a safety issue on the range?  Please use the forms on our contact page to do so.

New junior member program to get our youth involved in shooting (age 12-17): $5.00 (New and renewal)


Updated Range Rules:

  • No Targets can be placed directly on the ground.
  • No Exploding Targets on ANY Range.
  • ATTENTION: No Rifle calibers on Ranges #1,#2,#3 (.22lr is fine)
  • 5 Round limit in your magazine on the Rifle ranges #4 and #5.
  • Please check the Ranges page for up to date information about any ranges that may be closed


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