Check out the General Rules for the range.  Each of the 6 ranges may have additional rules, see specific range for additional rules pertaining to that Range.

Hours for all ranges are:

Sunday 12:00pm(noon) - Dusk

Monday - Saturday 8am - Dusk

All ranges close at 5:00pm every Wednesday during spring, summer and fall. This is done for the safety of our volunteer work party personnel.

Upcoming Range Closures

Range Safety Issues

If you find a safety issue on the range, please report it to our Range Safety Issue Report.

Range 1

7/15 yard & Pin Range

Range 2

25 yard Plinking Range

Range 3

25/50 yard Bullseye/Pistol Range

Range 4

50 yard Rifle Range

Range 5

100 yard Rifle Range

Range 6

Static Archery Range