Range Rules

Download your copy here: Range Rules
Range Hours:
      Monday - Saturday: 8am to Dusk
      Sunday: 12 noon to Dusk
      Wednesday ALL ranges closed at 5pm

General Range Rules
See Specific Range for additional rules pertaining to that Range

  • Only members and guests accompanied by the member may use the ranges.
  • Members and guests are required to stop and sign in at the shed prior to shooting.
  • Members must prominently display the current year membership card on their person at all times.
  • Members who wish to bring a non-member (guest) to shoot must complete a “Temporary Membership” form located in the shed and remit the appropriate fee. The “Temporary Membership” card must be worn by the non-member at all times, and must also remain with the member. The $5.00 fee does not apply to immediate family members/spouse under the age of 21, they still need to fill out the guest paperwork and sign in.
  • No Targets can be placed directly on the ground. (Bowling Pins, Clay Birds, Ground Bouncers)
  • Special rules posted at each range must be observed.
  • All shooters and spectators must wear suitable eye and ear protection.
  • No alcoholic beverages permitted on the ranges.
  • Shooting while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances is prohibited.
  • The first Shooter on a range is Designated Safety Officer and has full control of Range.
  • Shooting is to be done from the firing line only.
  • When anyone is down range no weapons shall be handled. Actions shall be open and magazines removed.
  • Except where noted only paper or cardboard targets may be used.
  • All targets have to be placed on the backers between the uprights.
  • No fully automatic, simulated fully automatic or hip shooting is allowed.
  • Only regulation Steel Targets are allowed on range #3.
  • Always make sure your weapon is pointed in a safe direction so any discharges will not leave club property.
  • Police your brass including miss fires.
  • Remove all targets when you are done shooting.
  • No Trap or Skeet Shooting (aerial targets)
  • Bows and arrows are not permitted on firearms ranges.
  • Magnum pistol cartridges are not permitted on the 25/50 yard combination range
  • Shooting at glass objects is prohibited on all ranges
  • Shooting at cans and plastic bottles is permitted only on designated ranges and waste must be placed in trash containers afterward.
  • Targets may not be attached to pin table legs
  • No steel core military ammunition
  • No more than 1 shoot every 3 seconds with a rifles on 50 and 100 yard ranges.
  • Shooting shot guns or multi projectile ammo at backers is prohibited.
  • No 50 BMG on any range
  • Indoor range is for organized shooting events only. No magnum or jacketed ammunition. Rifles limited to .22 rimfire caliber
  • Hunting on Club Property is Prohibited
  • No Exploding Targets on ANY range.

Range Safety Issues

If you find a safety issue on the range, please report it to our Range Safety Issue Report.