Gate RFID Cards Now Available

The new Electronically Controlled gate is setup and ready to be activated. We are ready to distribute the new RFID cards. These RFID cards will be required to enter the club there are no provisions for bypassing it.

Each member must PICK UP their RFID card in person and sign for it. If you lose your RFID card there will be a replacement fee. Your new RFID card will only allow you to enter the clubs front gate and one guest, the system will not allow any tailgating (one car/truck only) at a time. If you have a guest we suggest you meet them before coming to the range, otherwise you will have to pull through far enough to be out of the way of the second car and rescan your card for the gate to open for your guests car. The system will not allow you to card in more than 1 (ONE) additional car within an hour.

Each entry into the club will be logged and recorded with Date and Time stamps. This will allow us to correlate video with the members using the range. We hope this will not only eliminate non-members from using the club facilities but also allow us to pin point individuals that have been destroying club property or exhibiting reckless behavior.

We have also installed many new high resolution video surveillance cameras throughout the club that will not only provide a video record but will allow us to see faces and read license plates.

Beginning February 15th 2020 the Club House will be open every Saturday and Sunday for 3 weekends to enable members to pick up their new RFID cards.

Starting March 14th 2020, the New Electronically Controlled gate will be DOWN. After that date members must use their RFID card to enter club property.

RFID Card Pickup Dates and Times

Saturday 2/15/2020 8am until 4:30pm
Sunday 2/16/2020 8am until 4:30pm

Saturday 2/22/2020 8am until 4:30pm
Sunday 2/23/2020 8am until 4:30pm

Saturday 2/29/2020 8am until 4:30pm
Sunday 3/1/2020 8am until 4:30pm

If you are unable to get to any of these pickup event dates, you can come to the club during New Member Orientation to pick up your card. We have volunteers at the club during the Orientation classes that can help you get your card. The classes are held the first Wednesday of each month @ 7pm (excluding certain holidays). See the Calendar for specific dates.